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July/August 2014

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    The Church as One
Michael A. Hayes

Across the globe – and across denominational boundaries – Christians publically and liturgically profess the Church as ‘one, holy catholic and apostolic’. These four adjectives are widely referred to as the four marks of the Church.

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editorMessage from the Editor

With the ever-evolving needs of the Church, The Pastoral Review aims to reach all those actively involved in all aspects of pastoral responsibilities within the Church. By listening to what the spirit is saying to the Church through the reflecting on the scriptures (Rev.2:7), considering new pastoral initiatives and engaging in issues that impact on pastoral ministry, The Pastoral Review seeks to be a resource for the Church today.

Jul 01 2014
Paul VI’s invitation to Dialogue – Fifty years onContemporary TheologyPaul VI’s invitation to Dialogue – Fifty years on
Bishop Brendan Leahy
On the fiftieth anniversary of its publication, Brendan Leahy looks at the main themes of Ecclesiam Suam – dialogue, and ...

Priests, Prophets, and Kings/ShepherdsPriests, Prophets, and Kings/Shepherds
Gerald O’Collins SJ
In the last of a series on the spiritual treasures found in Vatican II, Gerald O’Collins SJ looks at the theme of ...

God has spoken through a sonGod has spoken through a son
Thomas D. Stegman SJ
The letter to the Hebrews offers rich fare in its presentation of the nature and person of Jesus. Thomas D. Stegman SJ is ...

The Saint 	of the First World WarPast & PresentThe Saint of the First World War
Silas Henderson
Blessed Charles of Austria, the last Austro-Hungarian emperor, died in exile aged 34 in 1922. This article reflects on how ...

An alternative to Markan priorityReader ResponseAn alternative to Markan priority
Dennis Barton
In which order were the gospels written? To answer that question we need to go back to the history of early Christianity writes ...

Bereavement and loss in a Catholic schoolLeadership & MinistryBereavement and loss in a Catholic school
Bernard Howell
Liturgy, prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist can help a Catholic school  begin to deal with the experience of loss, ...

Jesus, the 	model for managing conflicting demandsJesus, the model for managing conflicting demands
Pippa Bonner
Pippa Bonner – mindful of her own experience from social work, counselling and parish pastoral work – asks how Jesus managed ...

Getting Resourced: Perhaps the critics aren’t right anymore?Getting Resourced: Perhaps the critics aren’t right anymore?
Jon Cornwall
A youth minister looks at some of the ways that Youth Ministry has changed and is changing. Jon Cornwall has worked in various ...

They kept the matter to themselvesFocus OnThey kept the matter to themselves
Priscilla Noble-Mathews
The Transfiguration of Jesus celebrated on August 6 is a time to reflect on the disciples’ understanding of what ...

Some issues in spiritual integrationSome issues in spiritual integration
Kevin Tortorelli OFM
This article explores issues surrounding the question 'what am I doing when I know?' in trying to understand what it means to ...

The quality of mercy in translationThe quality of mercy in translation
Helen Costigane
Now in its third year, the author reflects on how the new translation of the Missal affects us and the public worship of the ...

Work, unemployment and the human personWork, unemployment and the human person
Ann Marie Mealey & Philip Bee
The 1980s encyclical Laborem exercens provides a valuable framework for the many political, ethical and ...

Breaking The Word

Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Tuesday 1 July
Amos 3.1-8, 4.11-12
Psalm 5.5-8; Matthew 8.23-27
The Lord God has spoken; who can but prophesy? ...

6 July 2014
Fourteenth Sunday(A)
Opening Prayer
Jesus invites us who labour and are overburdened to come to him and he will give us rest. And so, we present ...