Weekdays in October, November and December 2020

Thursday 1 October
Week 26 in Ordinary Time
St Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Virgin, Doctor
Job 19.21–27
Psalm 26
Luke 10.1–12
In the second series of the dialogue between Job and his ‘friends’, Job answers Bildad and begs him and the others to understand him and take pity on him. He expresses his hope in God, his ultimate avenger (Hebrew: go’el – the next of kin who has the duty to defend his wronged relative). Go’el was translated by Jerome as Redemptor – the one who ‘buys back’. Many would argue that these verses are later insertions as they indicate an idea of resurrection of the flesh (First Reading: Job 19.21–27). Only in Luke is there the sending out of the seventy-two (or seventy in some manuscripts). The emphasis is on detachment and urgency. There is a huge contrast between those who accept and those who reject the message and the consequences for each (Gospel: Lk 10.1–12).

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Breaking the Word - Weekdays

The weekday readings can sometimes seem a little ‘bread and butter’ compared to the liturgical feast of Sunday. That said, the sustained nourishment, the ‘daily bread’ of the weekday mysteries connotes the Manna that sustained the Israelites on their journey through the desert. These readings are from the Ordo for the Archdiocese of Westminster. Tarcisius Mukuka is a lecturer in Biblical Studies & Exegesis, and Anthony Towey is the Director of the Aquinas Centre in the School of Education, Theology and Leadership at St Mary’s University, Twickenham.