Weekdays in January, February and March 2020

Weekdays in January, February and March 2020

These reflections on the weekday Bible readings are by Canon Mervyn Tower, parish priest of Corpus Christi, Headington, Oxford.

Wednesday 1 January
Octave of the Nativity
Mary, the Holy Mother of God (solemnity)
Numbers 6.22–27
Psalm 66
Galatians 4.4–7
Luke 2.16–21

Luke describes in his Infancy Narratives how the Holy Family is obedient to the Torah of Moses. Hence on the eighth day after his birth, the baby is circumcised and thus becomes part of the Jewish people. Equally important is the giving of his name Jesus (Hebrew: yeshua – from yasha, to save), fulfilling the command of the angel. Gently watching over all is Mary, the model of meditation, to whom we dedicate this calendar year (Gospel: Lk 2.16–21). St Paul does not mention Mary’s name, but central to our adoption as sons is the fact that God’s son is born of a woman (Second Reading: Gal. 4.4–7). At the end of the laws about Nazirites, the instruction is given to Aaron and his sons, meaning all his male descendants, the priests, about the blessing. The invocation is threefold: that the Lord blesses, gives his grace and brings peace (First Reading: Num. 6.22–27). We ask for this blessing for our families, friends, Church ­communities and the world.

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