Weekly Readings May/June 2018

Fifth week of Eastertide

Tuesday 1 May
St Joseph the Worker

Acts 14.19-28
Psalm 114
John 14.27-31
The most important gift that we need in life as individuals, families, communities and the human race as a whole is that of peace. This peace, not just the absence of war and division is a positive energy from the Lord himself, expressed in the Hebrew word shalom. It is this peace, with the Greek word eirene (from which the name Irene derives) put into Jesus’ mouth by John, that the Lord promises to his disciples. It is this that conquers the powers of darkness (Jn. 14.27-31). So vital for the full life of us all is encouragement. It is this that Paul and Barnabas give in Pisidia and Antioch on Paul’s second missionary journey (Acts 14.19-28). Peace might so often be elusive but encouragement to work and pray for it is, of course, at the centre of the life of every community.

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