Weekly readings January/February 2017

Monday 2 January
Sts Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen

1 John 2.22-28
Psalm 98.1-4
John 1.19-28
Today we start the new calendar year, possibly a little bleary-eyed; but we are still in the Christmas season, and we continue to meditate on it through our journey through the first letter of John. This is not so much a letter, more a long meditation on the significance of Jesus. In our excerpt, it is insisting that ‘the Liar’, the ‘Anti-christ’, is anyone who denies the truth about Jesus, or ‘denies the Father and the Son’. The readers are reminded to ‘remain’ (a very important word in the Johannine literature) in the Father and the Son, in order to obtain the promise, ‘life eternal’. Then the gospel takes up after the great Prologue to John, but in a rather odd way, attesting to the mystery of who Jesus is, not positively, but negatively, through the witness of John the Baptist, who is busy denying all grand claims, insisting that he himself is ‘not the Messiah’ ‘not Elijah’, and ‘not the Prophet’.

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