Weekly readings May/June 2015

Fourth week of Easter
Friday 1 May
St Joseph the Worker
Acts 13.26-33; Psalm 2.6-11
John 14.1-6

Although the readings do not necessarily allude to today?s feast of St Joseph the Worker there are intriguing allusions to fatherhood that bear reflection. The manner in which anyone could be a literal ?son of God? was mysterious even to those who, like Paul, had encountered the risen Lord. The early kerygma or ?apostolic preaching? was rooted in this truth which theologically owed much to the prayer book of Israel, the Psalms. Truth like a fountain springs forth from prayer and Psalm 2 was understood by the early Church to be the prophecy of resurrection, the sonship of Jesus confirmed in the sundering of the power of death.

It was only on reflection that Joseph consented to be the spouse of Mary and guardian of Jesus. He was humble enough to think twice. He was humble enough to live out an ambiguous fatherhood.

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