Weekly readings September/October 2014

Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time

Monday 1 September
1 Corinthians 2.1?5
Psalm 118.97?102; Luke 4.16?30

The Power of God and the Nazareth Manifesto
During the last European elections in the UK voters were inundated with various Party manifestos. These were often summed up in straplines such as ?Labour: Working for Britain? or ?Say NO to Europe ? Vote for UKIP?. Biblical scholars refer to Luke 4.16?30 (today?s Gospel) as the Nazareth Manifesto. Europe may have its Maastricht Treaty but Jesus had his Nazareth Manifesto ? a public statement setting out his agenda for his ministry; promising his programme; telling us what he is going to do. And what a programme it was! Jesus? Manifesto is different from a political manifesto. The latter is primarily designed to win votes. After that, we the voters can be ignored until the next elections.

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