Weekly readings May/June 2014

Second Week of Easter

Thursday 1 May
Liturgy of the Day
Acts 5.27?33
Psalms 33.2, 9, 17?18, 19?20
John 3.31?36

St Joseph the Worker
Genesis 1.26?2.3 or
Colossians 3.14?15, 17, 23?24
Psalms 89.2, 3?4, 12?13, 14, 16 Matthew 13.54?58

Conscientious objection and the Christian
In commenting on today?s readings one is spoilt for choice, but as the book of the Acts of the Apostles comes into its own during the Easter season I thought I would open this month?s reflections with Acts 5.27?33. The line that caught my attention is Peter?s courageous reply before the Council: ?We must obey God rather than any human authority? (Acts 5.29). Recently I read the following news item on the online Independent Catholic News. A Catholic priest, Fr Martin Newell, was recently sentenced to 28 days in prison for non-payment of fines arising from numerous non-violent peace protests against war and war preparations. His reply was: ?Jesus taught us to love not just our neighbours but also our enemies.

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