Weekly readings September/October 2012

Twenty first Week in Ordinary Time

Saturday 1 September???
1 Corinthians 1.26-31; Psalm 32
Matthew 25.14-30

Paul continues to expand on the contrast he makes between the wisdom the world recognises and commends and the wisdom of God. He argues that God in his wisdom chooses all manner of people to be his followers, not only those schooled in philosophical debate and deemed wise by the world, nor those born to privilege and nobility. God confounds these human categories and presuppositions by choosing those who are foolish in human terms, and those who are nothing, turning conventional human wisdom on its head. In this way Paul attacks the snobbery and elitism that infects the Church of Corinth and results in the ?lower classes? being excluded from the Eucharist.

The message of the Gospel seems to be that however small our talents may be, when we exercise and invest them in the service of Christ they grow at compound interest and become significant means of building the kingdom and furthering the Lord?s work.

Twenty second Week in Ordinary Time

Monday 3 September
St Gregory the Great
2 Corinthians 4.1-2, 5-7; Psalm 95
Luke 22.24-30

Pope St Gregory the Great (540?-604) was a remarkable man and a gifted, inspired leader of the Church. Giving up public office as Prefect of Rome, he became a monk fired with a passionate desire to serve God in the contemplative life. However, he could not entirely escape his background and was appointed papal representative in Constantinople. Returning after six years, Gregory was elected Pope in 590.

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