Sundays readings November/December 2013

Sunday 3 November
31st Sunday in Ordinary Time??? ?
Wisdom 11.22-12.2, Psalm 144, 2 Thessalonians 1.11-2.2, Luke 19.1-10??? ??? ??? ?

The reading from the book of Wisdom and the first part of the reading from St Paul offer words of encouragement for people of faith. They suggest that God?s mercy and grace are always available, and perhaps we can read the gospel as evidence of that. I wonder if Zacchaeus minded being short? For some short people their lack of height is a source of irritation ? if that were true of Zacchaeus it would be ironic, because it was his lowly stature that brought about his salvation. If Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus ? and he did ? he had to do something about it.

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