Sundays in October, November, December 2020

The word of God is alive and active and addresses God’s people in all their conditions and situations. In the present global crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many Scripture texts take on a new nuance. Passages that we have been very familiar with now speak in a new way to what is often described as an unprecedented situation. Laments and tales of disaster have taken on a fresh perspective; passages of hope and promise resonate in a new way, and God’s people recognise themselves and their situation in texts from very different circumstances. As the liturgical year comes to an end and the new year beginning with Advent opens, there are many readings that speak of the end times, the challenges of what is to come and the need to keep faith and hope in the Lord. No doubt over these months many will come away from the Sunday Liturgy and its readings with new insights, whilst being both challenged and encouraged by the Word.

Robert Draper is a parish priest in Dorset.

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