Sunday readings May/June 2019

Sundays in May and June 2019
Robert Draper

In February 2018 Pope Francis gave a series of audiences in which he offered a catechesis on the Mass. Speaking of the Liturgy of the Word he insisted:
Thus, in the Mass we do not read the Gospel in order to know how things happened, but rather, we listen to the Gospel in order to realise what Jesus once did and said; and that Word is living, the Word of Jesus that is in the Gospel is alive and touches my heart. Therefore, listening to the Gospel is very important, with an open heart, because it is the living Word. If it is true that in the liturgy ‘Christ is still proclaiming His Gospel’, it follows that, by participating in the Mass, we must give him a response. We listen to the Gospel and we must give a response in our life.

The following reflections are offered to enable us to be more aware of the message of the Christ who is still proclaiming his Gospel, and to encourage us to give an appropriate response.

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