Sunday Readings May-June 2018

Sundays in May and June 2018
Robert Draper

‘Whenever ... the Church gathered by the Holy Spirit for liturgical celebration, announces and proclaims the word of God, it has the experience of being a new people in whom the covenant made in the past is fulfilled’
(General Introduction to the Lectionary 1981. No. 7)

That essential link between the Eucharistic celebration today and the Covenant made in the past is very apparent in the readings for Mass offered during this time when the Church continues to celebrate the New Covenant that is sealed in the death and Resurrection of Jesus and articulated in the mystery of Christ.

In the next two months we move from celebrating the Easter season into the Sundays of Ordinary time; however the move is marked by a string of Solemnities celebrated on the Sundays following Eastertide – Pentecost, Trinity, Corpus Christi and – this year – the Birthday of John the Baptist.

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