Sunday readings March/April 2016

Robert Draper

‘It is from the word of God handed down in writing that even now “God is speaking to his people” and it is from the continued use of Scripture that the people of God, docile to the Holy Spirit under the light of faith, receive the power to be Christ’s living witnesses before the world.’ (General Introduction to the Lectionary 11.) The assembly gathered for Eucharist receive the word which is given to nourish and sustain their spiritual lives just as the bread of the Eucharist nourishes and sustains them. The word in the Sunday celebration is chosen in order to unfold the Mystery of salvation that is celebrated in the Liturgy. During this period of the Church’s year we move through Lent into the celebration of the Paschal Mystery at Easter and into the Easter season when the readings reveal the power of the Risen Lord present in his Church in the Spirit. The reflections that follow are offered with the hope that they might contribute to the readers being nourished effectively and so enter even more deeply into the living word of God. The author is a parish priest in Dorset and the Vicar General of the Diocese of Plymouth.

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