Sunday readings November/December 2015

Sunday 1 November
Feast of All Saints
Revelations 7.2-4, 9-17
Psalm 23
1John 3.13
Matthew 5.1-12

The scope of the readings for this feast is all-encompassing. We have the grandeur and spectacle of the countless elect worshipping the Lamb from the book of the Apocalypse. We have the intimacy of the first letter of John where we are reminded of the love that has been lavished upon us by the heavenly Father; and we have the paradox of the Beatitudes where those who mourn and those who are persecuted are called happy. The feast seems to invite us to celebrate the holy women and men who have triumphed over sin and temptation and fulfilled their calling as disciples. That, however, is not necessarily the most helpful insight: it could also be discouraging to those of us who are very conscious of our infidelity and weakness in the face of temptation.

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