Sunday readings September/October 2014

Sunday 7 September
Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Ezekiel 33.7-9, Psalm 95
Romans 13.8-10
Matthew 18.15-20

We often hear it stated ?The Church has said ...? or ?The Church has ruled out ...? Today?s readings offer us an opportunity to reflect on how those sorts of statements might be understood. The life of the prophet in ancient Israel was not an easy one ? prophets were hounded, imprisoned, persecuted and harassed, but they still had to pursue their calling. Today?s passage from the prophet Ezekiel throws light on this ? the prophet is ?appointed? by God and is entrusted with God?s words for God?s people. His task is to speak that word, and he will be held accountable for it ? if he fails to speak the word, the consequences will fall on him.

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