Dominican spirituality and the challenge of restlessness

This year marks the eighth centenary of the death of Saint Dominic de Guzmán. Monica Rapeanu writes on the rich Dominican heritage in the life of the Church.

Amid our present turmoil caused by the pandemic, amid uncertainty and fear of the future, the mission of the Church is still to give birth to and to revive love for Jesus Christ in hearts, in families and in society.

In the same month and year in which he visited the UK (September 2010), Pope Benedict XVI (now Emeritus) also established the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelisation.1 In his reflections on the task of this Council offered exactly ten years ago, he noted that the proclamation of the Good News is ‘more complex’ today ‘than in the past’, but he also stressed that the ‘task remains identical to that at the dawn of our history’. Moreover, he said ‘There is a dynamic continuity between the proclamation of the first disciples and ours. Throughout the centuries, the Church has never ceased to proclaim the salvific mystery of the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but today that same message needs renewed vigour to convince contemporary man, who is often distracted and insensitive.’2

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