Promoting Catholic social teaching in schools and colleges: The Oscar Romero Award

Mugeni Sumba writes about a new award scheme for schools and colleges promoting Oscar Romero and Catholic social teaching in schools.

According to the Catholic Education Service, the mission of the Catholic schools is to offer an education based on Christian values, especially the value that all life is God’s gift and that ‘all aspects of the Catholic school have the potential to speak of God’s loving care for each person involved in the school’s life’.1

This means that Catholic schools are communities called to communicate God’s love for humanity through everything they do. They become places of ‘integral education of the human person through a clear educational project of which Christ is the foundation’.2 Education in a Catholic school is not just education for the sake of it; rather it is for enabling young people to acquire skills necessary to live life in a certain way. The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education stated in 1977 that the aim of the Catholic school is ‘the transmission of values for living’.3

Socially just education
The Catholic social vision has as its focal point the human person, the clearest reflection of God among us. … Christ challenges us to see his presence in our neighbour, especially those who lack what is essential to human flourishing.4

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