Ordinary Catholic Theology

Improving the theological literacy of the entire People of God is a requirement of the New Evangelisation. Chris Richardson, associate lecturer in Catholic school leadership at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, argues that this does not require everyone to become academic theologians but rather to become more confident in what they already know in their hearts.

Retrieving theology

In a series of articles in this journal, Professor O’Loughlin posed the question ‘why study theology’ (Vol. 15 Issues 3–5). He acknowledged that it was sometimes seen as dry and boring, the preserve of academics and clergy, but insisted that it also had relevance for the non-academic, not theologically trained, Christian whom we might regard as an ‘ordinary believer’. Helpfully, O’Loughlin suggested that theology was less like physics, which we could ignore whilst still benefitting from its insights, and more like cooking, at which we improve with training.

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