The New Evangelisation and the earth

Edward P. Echlin

Christian communities can sometimes struggle to communicate the joy and truth of Jesus Christ to our modern globalised world. This article suggests that we need a contemporary evangelisation which includes relationships with all creation. Edward P. Echlin is Honorary Fellow in Theology at Leeds Trinity University College.

The beautiful conclusion to Matthew?s gospel forever ?speaks? to us and our imagination ? Jesus? words of farewell on the green mountain, ?Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ?? Jesus? final words are addressed to us as well as the first Christians, ?I am with you always even to the end of the world? (Mt. 28.18-20). We proceed therefore as the community of Christ, or perhaps better, Christ as community today. Our evangelisation, like that of St Paul, is Christocentric centred on Jesus.1 Lumen Gentium with its opening words employs light as a metaphor for Christ and the Church, ?Since Christ is the light of the nations, this holy synod, called together in the holy Spirit, strongly desires to enlighten all people with his brightness, which gleams over the face of the church, by preaching the gospel to every creature? (LG 1.1).2

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