Inner healing and deliverance

Alan Guile, author of Journey into Wholeness: Prayer for Inner Healing – An Essential Ministry of the Church, reflects on some aspects of the Church’s ministry of prayer for healing and deliverance.

In January 2019, Bishop Philip Egan formally signed Norms for Healing and Deliverance Ministry for the Diocese of Portsmouth, and a month later issued a pastoral letter.1 Christ did not intend healing to be the work of particular groups or organisations within the Church, but to be the everyday manifestation of Christ’s love in the local church, with Bishop, priests and trained lay people working in harmony through the sacraments and prayer ministry to fulfil Christ’s command to evangelise and heal, with both aspects being interwoven.

It is very welcome that a diocesan bishop has issued clear Norms and informed his people that the Church in his diocese is becoming ready to pray for healing and deliverance which will be needed for many deeply suffering people. He has made clear how important it is that those involved in these ministries must receive appropriate formation and training and be acting under the authority of the Church. This should avoid some people being damaged or put at risk by unauthorised or ill-trained attempts at ministry, and others being unaware of dangers of so many occult practices prevalent in our society.

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