The nature and place of Chaplaincy in Catholic schools (2)

Bernard Howell

This is the second of a two-part article in which the author looks at various models of school chaplaincy and the role of chaplaincy in the ethos of the school. Bernard Howell is chaplain at St Thomas More Catholic School, Walsall.

The pastoral model
This model takes the pastoral as a key area of its responsibility. Here chaplaincy regards pastoral care as its primary role within school and this emphasis will shape the nature of it. The work of the chaplaincy team will include counselling, curriculum guidance and the whole pastoral provision of the school will be regarded as a dimension of chaplaincy. One perspective on this model describes pastoral care as, ‘an expression of the school’s continued concern for the individual’s integrity and welfare, its involvement in the development of his/her personality and talents and its readiness to support him or her at all times’ (6). The use of the term chaplaincy in such a model is interesting since some would simply regard it as a description of the school’s pastoral care system.

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