Liturgy and law – and beauty

James M. Cassidy CRIC

This article looks at both changes in law coming from developments in the understanding of revelation and theology and also the confusion which results when theology and law diverge. James Cassidy is Parish Priest of St. Augustine’s, Daventry, Diocese of Northampton.

Laws change in view of development in society: the growth of knowledge and practice, so that beauty may be achieved, to reflect life more perfectly; this is always a work in progress.

It is often forgotten that this is true of the Church. People speak of the ‘unchanging liturgy’ and ‘unchanging laws’. It must be remembered that theology is the understanding of Revelation of God, which is known in Scripture and Tradition. The understanding grows as time passes. Canon Law presents norms for living, following this understanding of God’s Revelation; and Liturgy is the worship of God, following the understanding of Revelation, regulated for particular time and place.

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