Prayer as contested space

contested spaceAnthony Towey

Recently a friend invited me along to Broxbourne Zoo. It was a damp day, I had a runny tummy and a cranky toddler in tow. The last thing I was expecting was a spiritual experience, but suddenly I heard a loud roar echoing round the skies. Since I live under the Heathrow flight path, I assumed it was a jumbo jet, but at the same instant, my friend began ushering the children: "Quick" he said, "it's the White Lion." Disbelievingly, I followed, and within seconds I was confronted by an awesome creature, who looked round regally and with effortless languor roared again. Close up it was like a sonic boom: my rib cage shook, one ear went deaf and I instinctively took a step back nearly taking out a passing couple with a double push-chair.

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