Year of Consecrated Life 2015 ?Look to the past with gratitude?. Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Mary McClure SND

From a conviction of the ?Goodness of God?, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur continue to express the original charism of their foundresses through a spirituality defined by a continuing response to the liberating mission of Jesus Christ. Mary McClure SND has been in Leadership of her community and is a Chaplain to a school in Glasgow. She contributes to the international programme for preparation for Final Vows of her Congregation.

Not many religious congregations are founded on the deep friendship between two women whose complementarity of gifts created a new form of apostolic religious life. In 1804, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur were co-founded by Marie Rose Julie Billiart, a French peasant, and the Viscountesse Fran?oise Blin de Bourdon, a member of the French aristocracy who had been presented at the court of Marie Antoinette and Napoleon.

Against the accepted norms, they created a community where there was no distinction between choir Sisters (those who were educated) and lay Sisters (the uneducated who usually had responsibility for the more menial tasks in the community.)

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