Written for our instruction (1): God in the Letter to the Romans

Thomas D. Stegman SJ

We start a series of articles on the rich theology contained in Paul?s letter to the Romans. Thomas D. Stegman SJ is professor of New Testament at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, USA.

Near the end of his magisterial epistle to the Romans, Paul reveals a crucially important interpretive principle concerning Scripture: ?the things written beforehand were written for our instruction? (15.4). He insists that the sacred Jewish texts spoke with special relevance to his mission of proclaiming the gospel and of founding churches, as well as to the situation of the believers in Rome. A fortiori, given the canonical status of the letter to the Romans, we can expect Paul?s teaching to have significance for us today. His words for the house churches in Rome are also written for our instruction.

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