Lazarus and lessons in grief?

Pippa Bonner

Pippa Bonner, who ran a hospice bereavement service, writes about grief and finds some help from Scripture. She is a member of the Dympna Circle, three women who write about spiritual and therapeutic matters.

We think about those who have died particularly in November. We remember family, friends and those who have died in war. Some thoughts here may be useful from my experience of running a hospice bereavement service.

I would like to consider two aspects of bereavement. One is about how people grieve. The other is the miracle of Jesus, Lazarus, Martha and Mary (John 11) where we reflect on how Jesus and his friends grieved.

Many of us support others in their grief but it is important that we also look after our own losses, so as to be present for others. Most receive support from families, friends and church communities.

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