Anselm: Prayer, orthodoxy, and the fearless search for truth

Anne Inman
This article shows how Anselm?s theological endeavours were at one with his life of prayer. While his theology was orthodox, he challenged the idea that the devil had rights in relation to God. His unwavering search for truth led him to contradict the authorities of his day.
Anne Inman taught at Birkbeck College, University of London.
Anselm (c1033-1109) represents an inspiring example of what it is to bean authentic Christian and theologian. Steeped in prayer, he never abandoned his life?s work: the fearless search for truth within the context of faith. Anselm?s theology derived from his intense prayer life, a classic example of lectio divina.

Faith seeking understanding Anselm?s Monologion, which he wrote after he had become Prior of the monastery in Bec, pondered the essence of God. He calls the Monologion ?an example of meditation on the meaning of faith from the point of view of one seeking, through silent reasoning within himself, things he knows not?1.
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