Getting Resourced: Apps ? Part Three

K?ren North

This article takes a fresh look at the fast-changing world of Apps for Smartphones and tablets. K?ren North is training and development co-ordinator for youth ministry in the diocese of Southwark.

With the rapid growth in the use of Tablets and Smartphones, it is hard to remember a time when ?Apps? (applications) were not part of daily life. In two previous articles in the Pastoral Review, I appraised some of the Catholic apps available at the time. Several years on, it would be hard to dispute that Universalis (the online breviary, Mass readings, calendar?), remains firmly enthroned in its role of king, perhaps with Recordatio (a collection of Vatican and Papal documents and addresses) seated firmly as Queen. Here follows a selection on new finds fighting it out for your Smartphone?s memory space.

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