Some issues in spiritual integration

Kevin Tortorelli OFM

This article explores issues surrounding the question 'what am I doing when I know?' in trying to understand what it means to have an integrated spirituality. Kevin Tortorelli OFM is parochial vicar of St Francis of Assisi Church in Manhattan.?

Conversations in the parish often enough centre on spirituality. People want to build a spiritual life but the difficulties encountered remind me of a jigsaw puzzle. On the box cover there is a picture of the finished product that otherwise lies spread out on the table in a thousand pieces. How do I put a spiritual life together? Where to begin? In the thousand pieces of the puzzle lies my relationship to my self ? to my failures, disappointments, anger, fear, resentment and grace. Nowadays life gets compartmentalized. Weekdays I am working or going to school. Weekends I?m going to church and praying. Weekdays I speak one language and on weekends another.

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