They kept the matter to themselves

Priscilla Noble-Mathews

The Transfiguration of Jesus celebrated on August 6 is a time to reflect on the disciples? understanding of what rising from the dead could mean. Priscilla Noble-Mathews worked as a doctor and barrister before studying Theology.

In Mk. 9.2-8, Peter, James and John had just experienced what must have been one of the most awe inspiring and thought-provoking incidents of their lives. Added to which, on descending the mountain, they were told by Jesus not to mention any of this until ?the Son of Man had risen from the dead?. Their minds must have been overflowing with queries, particularly about, as Mark says, ?what this rising from the dead might mean?.

The passage quoted in Mark also appears in Matthew (Mt.17.9) as, ?Tell no one the vision until after the Son of Man has been raised from the dead?. Here, however, we are not told that the disciples discussed among themselves what rising from the dead might mean.

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