Jesus, the model for managing conflicting demands

Pippa Bonner

Pippa Bonner ? mindful of her own experience from social work, counselling and? parish pastoral work ? asks how Jesus managed the unexpected. She writes as part of the Dympna Circle: three women writers who reflect on spiritual and therapeutic issues.

This reflection explores Jesus? perfect, but sometimes puzzling, ability to balance his busy life with his clarity about conflicting demands, boundaries, responsibilities and relationships. Those of us involved in ministerial and pastoral work, and with our own busy lives, can learn from his example.

This explorative writing draws on ?wondering?, a counselling technique. Wondering is also used as an imaginative engagement process in Ignatian spirituality. The biblical translation used is by Nicholas King SJ.1

Jesus as God models a way of perfect interaction with individuals and groups. Jesus as human was tired, overworked and constantly having demands made on him.

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