Bereavement and loss in a Catholic school

Bernard Howell

Liturgy, prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist can help a Catholic school ?begin to deal with the experience of loss, writes Bernard Howell, chaplain at St Thomas More School, Walsall.

Within any school community there will be students coming to terms with the death of someone they love or some other form of loss. On rare occasions the school community will be mourning the death of a student or member of staff, as with the recent tragic death of Ann Maguire in Leeds, or even several members of the school community, as experienced in some Midland schools in recent years as a consequence of accidents.

The experience of loss within the school community can be at different levels and for different reasons. In some instances it will be a family bereavement and be private, with perhaps few in school being aware that a child or member of staff is going through such a time.

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