Paul VI?s invitation to Dialogue ? Fifty years on

Bishop Brendan Leahy

On the fiftieth anniversary of its publication, Brendan Leahy looks at the main themes of Ecclesiam Suam ? dialogue, and the self-knowledge and renewal of the Church. The author is the Bishop of Limerick.

August 6 2014 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Pope Paul VI?s programmatic encyclical, Ecclesiam Suam (ES).1 While this ?simple conversational letter? (ES, 6) was overshadowed, in many respects, by the Second Vatican Council, it is well worth re-reading as it played a role in shaping the Church?s re-positioning of itself in today?s world. Its main themes flow like hidden streams beneath the surface of the past fifty years of Church life.2
Popes John Paul and Benedict referred to it and continued in its spirit.

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