Getting Resourced: Teach your children well

Maureen Glackin
Maureen Glackin recommends some books which help to nurture faith in children. The author is Head of the School of Education at St Mary?s University, Twickenham.

The challenge of growing faith in life and life in faith is a constant one for us all. The responsibility for parents and school and parish communities in nurturing children through to fullness of being in a life of faith can be particularly vexing. In this column I review a range of books and resources that might go some way to supporting us as parents, teachers or catechists in this venture. I hope that you find them useful: I know that they have helped me.

Bible Story Bags and More Bible Story Bags
by Margaret Cooling, Barnabas in Schools. ISBN 978-1-8410-1836-2

Cooling's story bag books are lovely resources that can be used in the classroom and for assemblies but just as effectively, I feel, as a resource for children's liturgy. The books contain story-scripts of scripture that are designed to encourage creative and reflective responses from children using a range of story-telling techniques.

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