Words which set hearts on fire

Gerald O?Collins SJ

In response to Pope Francis? call for better preaching, we start a series which will take examples from all four gospels, starting with the Gospel of Matthew. Gerald O?Collins SJ is adjunct professor of Australian Catholic University.

In The Joy of the Gospel (November 2013) Pope Francis put back on display the importance of preaching and, in particular, of preaching at the weekly Eucharist. Let me take up his challenge and offer some Sunday homilies that draw on the four Gospels and aim at what he calls ?setting hearts on fire? (nos. 142?44).

How to live
The beatitudes (Matthew 5.1?12) summarize the whole programme that Jesus put before us during the three years or so of his earthly ministry. The beatitudes describe the best way to live ? in fact, the only way truly worth living. They hold out to us the greatest good imaginable, the kingdom of God.

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