Getting Resourced: Life in Christ

John Quinn, youth minister at Sacred Heart, Wimbledon, looks at a new DVD resource on Christ for young people.

Life in Christ is a new video resource from Southwark Catholic Youth Service that is spread out over three discs, featuring 45 sessions. These sessions comprise interviews of between five and ten minutes featuring various nationally recognised Catholic speakers. From Fr Timothy Radcliffe to David Wells via Dr John McDade, there is an exhaustive array of intellectual minds on display in these videos. Over the sessions, these speakers attempt to dissect, among other things, what it means to be a Catholic in the world today, ways we can pray, and what the Sacraments are.

Some of the interviewees are incredible. Their insights into these particular topics are interesting, and often it is something you would pay to see. Instead of having to travel to a conference, you get to see them on this resource whenever you want.

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