Being fed and led by the word of life

Gerald O?Collins SJ

This is the third in a series of articles which aims to open up some of the spiritual treasures to be found in Vatican II. Here we look at the spiritual importance of reading the Scriptures. Gerald O?Collins SJ is adjunct professor of Australian Catholic University.

When the bishops met at the Second Vatican Council (1962?65), their plenary sessions (called General Congregations) always took place in St Peter?s Basilica. Each day the Book of the Gospels was enthroned. Symbolizing the presence of the risen Christ, this book put on display what the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, Dei Verbum, announced about the teaching office of the bishops: ?the magisterium is not above the Word of God but serves it? (art. 10). This document began by describing the Council?s aim as that of ?religiously hearing the Word of God and faithfully proclaiming it? (art. 1).

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