The Divine Word: culture and exegesis

Mary Mills

This article reflects on the guidance offered in Verbum Domini, issued by Pope Benedict XVI in September 2010, the most important Church document devoted to sacred scripture since Dei Verbum in 1965. Mary Mills is Professor in Biblical Studies at Liverpool Hope University.

When Verbum Domini1 is compared with its forerunner Dei Verbum2, the text on Scripture produced by the participants at the Second Vatican Council, it can be seen that the two documents share a common approach to Scripture, even though the language used to flesh out these points varies. The foundation for Scripture is the revelation of Jesus as Divine Word, an event which promotes faith and which can be encapsulated in a written form so that readers may engage with the transcendent.

From this source stem the books produced by human authorship, which have been gathered together under ecclesial authority into the canonical scriptures. Tradition is to be seen as a continuance of the work of recording and understanding divine/ human relations.

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