Getting Resourced: Virtual experiences

Maureen Glackin

Maureen Glackin takes some online tours of cathedrals and churches. The author is Director of Education at St Mary's University College, where Ben Watt is a final year primary education student.

Virtual world ? Lived Reality: experiencing the best of both worlds
Virtual tours of places of worship enable any one of us to visit sacred spaces from our own personal spaces. We are also able to do so at our own pace: revisiting elements of particular interest or significance as many times as we want. Inspired by Ben Watt, who researched virtual tours of sacred spaces for his finalist piece of work in religious education, I looked at what was on offer from a Christian perspective and referenced these against his ideas in terms of how to make the virtual experience a living experience for ourselves and those with whom we work.
This link takes you to a virtual tour of St Paul?s Cathedral which allows you to revel in its enormity with quiet calm. Using the ball on the mouse you are able to zoom in and out to view particular features in more detail and the lack of a musical soundtrack really does give you a sense of time and space. There are nine different views to enjoy: I would advise caution before clicking onto the whispering gallery perspective if you happen to suffer from vertigo! The soundlessness of this tour was used to great advantage by Ben, as he developed a guided journey which supported the sense of awe and wonderment that the space engenders.

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