Co-workers in the bishop?s grace and mission

Barbara Davies

Barbara Davies, a teacher from the Wirral,?has spent?over 30 years?working in the formation of women committed to the lay-apostolate in union with their diocesan bishop. It is out of this experience that she writes these reflections. She is at present the?Co-ordinator for New Evangelisation?in Shrewsbury Diocese.

If it is true that we need bishops, we may ask: What do bishops need? They need help, particularly from those who share in their grace and mission. The first ones who normally come to mind are diocesan priests. What is a priest to the bishop, and the bishop to a priest? And what of deacons, also co-workers of the bishop?

Many years ago, I was speaking to some seminary students in England. Having begun by enquiring where they were from, I learned that six were from the diocese we were in. ?What,? I asked, ?had the bishop done to deserve all of you??

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