Verbum Domini, Mary, and the Year of Faith

Anne Inman

In the light of the approaching Year of Faith, this article uses Verbum Domini to explore the life of Mary to find an authentic role-model for the life of faith. Anne Inman is director of the Education for Parish Service, London.

With the Year of Faith approaching1, this article considers how the 2010 Apostolic Exhortation Verbum Domini (VD) from Pope Benedict XVI might form the basis of a reflection on Mary as the role-model for the woman of faith.
Paragraphs 27 and 28 of Verbum Domini present Mary as ?Mother of God?s Word? and ?Mother of Faith?. It is as the woman of faith that Mary is a supreme example of what it means to be responsive to God?s Word. As Verbum Domini puts it, ?She lives completely attuned to that word?. (VD 27) Verbum Domini, it would seem, invites us to interpret Mary?s life as a template for faith.

Paragraph 26, which immediately precedes those on Mary, has presented ?sin as a refusal to hear the Word of God?. The paragraphs on Mary then present the opposite of sin in terms of Mary?s ?obedience? to the Word, her ?docility? in the acceptance of the Word and her ?pondering? the Word as it is heard.

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