Pippa Bonner

A reflection on the lives and deaths of others, and our own mortality, by Pippa Bonner. She writes as part of the Dympna Circle, three women who write on spiritual and therapeutic matters.

During Eastertide we are reminded of mortality, resurrection and eternal life. Their juxtaposition appears throughout the Church year in our liturgy at Mass, and through our own lived experience of loss, recovery, resilience and understanding about eternal life. We have travelled through the culmination of Jesus’ earthly ministry in terrible public and violent death, the seeming annihilation of the work he and his followers lived and worked for, followed by resurrection.

For God so loved the world that he gave the only- begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not be destroyed, but may have eternal life. (Jn. 3.16.)1

I have read The Times’ obituaries of three friends recently. It is not that I move in circles with famous people but perhaps I have reached the age (mid 60s) when some of the people I have known have made their mark in some way or another. One was a church reformer; another a leader in education and media and the third described in the headline as a ‘Conservative Party maverick’. Certainly their deaths have reminded me of my own mortality, my connection with them and what I learned from them.

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