Faith and science

Philip Miller

Do the great scientific advances of our age threaten the foundations of our faith in God? ?This article argues that science shows?the order?of the universe, manifest in its unity and its laws, and in fact?points towards?the creator God. Philip Miller is a parish priest in the diocese of Westminster and holds a doctorate in Radio Astronomy.

1. Thinking and believing

?By the end of this module you should be able to ?? So begin many modern-day educational aids. ?Learning Objectives? are all the rage. The learning objective of this article, if you will, is that by the end you will have some stronger sense of the compatibility of faith and science, and have an array of arguments to bolster what is the fervent belief of the Church, namely that there can be no contradiction between our faith in the Lord God, and our science that investigates His creation. Indeed, not only is there no contradiction, but science can furnish many arguments to support our belief in God.

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