talking about this generationKáren North

Sociologists have long been working with different subsets of generations, most famous being the 'Baby Boomers'. In preparation for the 2018 Synod on Youth it is timely to remind ourselves of some of the key features that have been identified in terms of the generations coming of age in this period. This article paints a picture for readers unfamiliar with such classifications and makes some general remarks about how they might be applied in the UK context. Káren North lectures in Theology at St Mary's University, Twickenham, and is co-ordinator for youth ministry for the Southwark Diocese.

Young Adult defined
A good starting point is to establish what is meant by the term 'Young Adult'? Part of the problem is that it is clearly not simply a matter of identifying an age range since the word 'adult' has different connotations for different cultural traditions and societal roles. Indeed, as a relatively recent category it could be used to describe everyone from teenagers to those in their middle ages. It is evident that most young people today are far slower to complete the 'youth' stage of their lives than those of previous generations. Perhaps this is due to increased numbers of young people choosing to study at university, together with vocational choices taking place much later in life.

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