Saintly Feasts. Food for Saints and Scholars

Authors: Martina Maher & Colette Scully with Dries van den Akker SJ
ISBN: 978-1 7881-2027-2
Messenger Publications 2019. Paperback £17.95.

It goes without saying that feasting is as much part of the life of faith as fasting. And there is no good meal without a dedicated cook. And many foods, whether it be specific ingredients or particular dishes, have associations with the saints. Some of these associations are more tentative than others, but they help to fuel the imagination, as does a new cookery book.

This colourful new book, written by two dedicated cooks, offers both. Martina Maher and Colette Scully have been cooking Sunday lunches for the Jesuit Novitiate in Birmingham for many years. They take pride in finding new recipes to delight both residents and visitors and finding an interesting twist to add to an old favourite. The book is by no means the first of its kind or the only one on the market, but it shares the joy of a meal well prepared, ingredients cherished and good food being so much more than sustenance.

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