Saint Oscar Romero. Pastor, Prophet, Martyr

Author: Kerry Walters
ISBN: 978-1-63253-265-7
Franciscan Media 2018. Paperback 192 pp. £11.95. Pastoral Review bookshop price £10.80

The canonisation of Oscar Romero in October 2018 has brought, as one would expect, a good new crop of studies. While there remains a gap for a new and full-scale biography, the smaller books which are appearing are of a good quality. Professor Kerry Walters, formerly of Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, has produced an accessible and lively new biography.

Among well known sources and earlier works Walters draws on the 2015 study by Roberto Morozzo della Rocca1 which is important because it is said to have influenced Pope Benedict XVI, part of the process by which barriers to Romero’s beatification were gradually removed. Another feature of Walters’ book is that the passage of time and the fact that Romero is giving biographers and commentators more freedom when looking at some of the tensions in the story – both within Romero’s own life and personality, and within the Church. To be blunt: nobody has to prove now that he was a good and loyal Catholic, since he’s been made a saint.

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