Miscarriage and Early Baby Loss. Caring for yourself and for others

Author: Breda Theakston
ISBN-13: 978-0-85231-516-3
Date: 2018
Price: £4.95
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Redemptorist Publications
Pastoral Outreach Series

This tiny book, symbolic of the short young lives it represents, is at once moving and consoling. Throughout the book, like a refrain, the author encourages us to express all the feelings we experience at this difficult time. Sometimes these can resurface much later on, when we have given ourselves permission to remember.

Asserting that each of us is an individual, the author reminds us that there is no ‘correct’ process of grieving, our own process is unique. There is no judgment about the sensation of relief which may occur with an unwanted pregnancy, nor the angry despair drowning us when we have waited and longed for that child. She recognises that an ambivalent attitude can accompany any loss.

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