Ezra and Nehemiah. (The Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary)

Authors: David J.Shepherd & Christopher J.H.Wright
ISBN: 9780 8028 6432 1
Date: 2018
Price: £23.99
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Publisher: Eerdmans / Alban Books

Here, in the estimable series which seeks to bring together the Two Horizons of biblical studies and theology, two respected scholars, the one currently a lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin, the other a director of the Langham Partnership (an international Christian fellowship) tackle two biblical books which are concerned with the Restoration of Judah (as the Persian kingdom of Yehud) after the Exile. The biblical books highlight the careers of Ezra the scribe who made the Jews the people of the Torah, and Nehemiah the governor appointed by the Persian overlord who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. An Introduction outlines issues of chronology, use of sources and the relationship of Ezra-Nehemiah to the Books of Chronicles; these issues are not central to our authors’ concerns, so are treated rather summarily.

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