Laudato Si': An Irish Response

laudato siEditor: Sean McDonagh
ISBN: 978-1-84730-749-1
Date: 2017
Price: 14.99 euros
Publisher: Veritas

Irish President Michael D. Higgins in the 2018 annual address to the Diplomatic Corps of Ireland began by looking forward to the potential visit of Pope Francis. In particular, he praised his 'very necessary reminders of our shared obligations not only to humanity but to biodiversity on our planet'. (Diplomatic Corps 2018 New Year's Greeting Ceremony, 24 January 2018)

They were not just platitudes offered to a distinguished audience, for he immediately went on to make reference to time spent in the days before with the contributors of Laudato Si': An Irish Response. Dr Peadair Kirby, author of one of the chapters, related, on the Columban Missionary website, that during the hour-long meeting, the President 'kept referring back to sections he had underlined in the text, showing the extent of his engagement with it. It was a memorable and intellectually nourishing encounter.'

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